You know your city well. You understand the fabric of the city outside the urban hotspots and tourist attractions. For you there are no ‘no go areas’. You are curious about the lives of ordinary people because you know that everybody has a story. You can overcome your diffidence to approach a stranger and your enthusiasm about the concept of City Safari can be infectious enough to convince a potential host to be prepared to receive guests. You have studied the platform and seen the examples of hosts in other cities. These have inspired you to find hosts with an interesting story. Every city is different and you have the creativity to come up with new ideas to find passionate people for a personal meeting with a social impact.

Find, post, book and pay

That is basically what you do. You find an interesting host. You post his or her story on the platform with a picture, a fee and information about availability, accessibility, etc. If somebody books one of your hosts, you check availability and confirm the booking and after the visit you will pay out the host. You will stay in touch with your hosts and discuss with them the feedback that you get from visitors. Your financial reward is € 2.50 per person per visit or US$ 2.50 per person per visit in cities that do not use de Euro.

Self edit, self book, self pay

A host that knows his way around the internet, may keep his own information on the platform up to date. That's less work for you. He may confirm his own booking if he is reliable with email and text messages. Less work again. And if she has a bank account that we can pay into directly, you won't have to bother about that either. But there's a catch: one year after the host gets her first booking after you have activated both 'self edit', 'self book' AND 'self pay' the host may (but not must) take full control and become his or her own agent. For City Safari there’s no advantage in hosts becoming their own agent, so we won’t promote this option actively. Our experience is that most hosts want to stay with their agents. But we must make you aware of the option for your hosts to become their own agents.

The business model

The host determines his own fee and his own availability. It's very important to us that the host is independent and free to decide about participating. Of course, even for social entrepreneurship like City Safari, the market plays a role. The visitor will decide if the price is fair when he makes a booking. As an agent you discuss the fee (how much fixed for a visit and how much per person) and all the other details. One host may offer several different activities, or encounters. There may be different fees for a good conversation over a cup of tea, a self-cooked lunch or a walk through the community garden. In the form about the activity, you enter only the fee that will be paid out to the host. On the platform we will add 2.50 for you, the agent and 2.50 for us, City Safari.
From the City Safari fee the taxes over the booking and the bank cost of the booking will be paid. From the agent's fee, the bank cost of transferring payment to agent and host will be paid. The host is responsible for reporting his income to the tax authorities and of course the agent is responsible for taxes over her own income. City Safari will help to get clear tax arrangements per country as these will differ. City Safari will administer payments and provide yearly statements. These will be communicated with the agents only. Reporting to local (tax) authorities is the agent's own responsibility. Naturally, if the tax authorities were to review our books, payments will be traceable to our hosts and agents.

The Agents' Platform

We will communicate with all our agents on the Agents' Platform about new ideas, best practices and all the questions that you may have and the answers from the agents' community. A recurring question will be whether an idea that you have for an activity will fit in the character of City Safari. We are not looking for guided tours to existing attractions or for interesting bars and restaurants; there are enough other sites that can help visitors find those in a city. It is essential for City Safari that there is personal interaction, related to a personal story or personal passion of the host. That is why most of the activities have maximum of five or six participants. A bigger group will hinder the personal character of the encounter.

Preferred Agent

If someone wants to book an activity for a larger number of participants around a certain theme, he may book parallel visits for smaller groups, but he may also ask for assistance from a professional to create a good program. Our experience is that companies, institutions or government agencies are interested in City Safari to spend a whole morning or an afternoon meeting our hosts, split into smaller groups who each have their own program. We offer the extra service to select hosts, book them, create printed schedules for each group, instruct the participants at the beginning of the program and be of assistance during the program. We will offer this extra service in every city on the platform. If a request comes in, we will give the job to our Preferred Agent. In Holland we charge € 36 per person for the full package, apart from the list price of the bookings. Are you interested to become a Preferred Partner? Go to the Why become a Preferred Partner page. We will have only one Preferred Partner per city.

Register as an agent

You may register as an agent for your city even if another agent is already active. You may have ideas and contacts in a different part of the city or for another type of host than is already on the platform. One city may have several agents, but you will never approach a host who is already active. Do you want to become a host and do you think you can be your own agent? Feel free to register first as an agent and then as your own host.